Wednesday 10 January 2018

What are the Major Decision Making Factors for Purchasing Mobile Phones

Buying a mobile phone is a major decision for anyone and everyone. A phone is an essential part of our communications and social interactions today. Technology expert Angelica Urbas has some valuable pointers to help you with your next mobile purchase. Let’s have a look -  

Things You Need To Consider for Mobile Phone Purchases

Performance - This matters to most of us, or at least it should matter to everyone. No matter how stylish or elegant your phone is, its performance should be up to the mark. If you are not so sure about the performance of a phone, it makes sense to wait a week after its launch. Look at reviews that describe if the phone performs well, and where it lacks. A powerful processor, equipped with ample RAM, can ensure better performance. 

Budget range - Mobile phone budget segments are - low, mid and premium respectively. They are segmented according to the price points, which you can learn about online. If you are equipped with the budget of a mid-range phone, do not expect premium features. But always be realistic about the budgets you set for your mobile phone purchases. 

Not hopping on the bandwagon - You might have purchased a phone recently and are happy with it. All of a sudden, a new, much-anticipated phone launch puts you completely off balance. Do not set your sights on it, even if everyone is going for it. The reason is that you are already content with your own phone. So there might be no need to make another significant investment. 

Usage - Usage is another factor that should influence the purchase of mobile devices. If you are looking for a utility phone for 24x7 usage, do not go for a premium range offering. There are fears of screen breakages, moisture damage and more, which might not be covered by insurance. So, you’re better off choosing a sturdy low or mid-range device. Most premium phone users have that essential second phone, or a utility phone that may come handy during emergencies. 

Finance options - Be on the lookout for attractive finance options, offers, and discounts on mobile phones. EMI schemes are also a great way of purchasing premium range smartphones, as financial burdens are reduced. Also be aware of exchange offers, which enables you to get lower prices. 

OS Versions - Whether you are an Android loyalist or a devoted Apple user, OS versions do matter when you’re mulling over a purchase. With newer OS versions, newer features and functionalities are rolled out. If you are purchasing a phone, make sure that it can be upgraded to future OS versions. Or else, you might be missing out on a lot. 

Looks - Whether you like it or not, looks play a major part in people’s decisions of mobile phones. Be on the lookout for decent looking phones, that also perform well, and you’re set for a few years. Nowadays, even mid-range phones offer premium looks. 

Following these tips can help you take the right decision for your mobile phone purchases.